These are clubs I am a member of, or at least connected with. That means they're probably in the SF Bay Area or have a presence in the SF Bay Area.

Costume Clubs

  • Silicon Web is my International Costumers' Guild chapter. It's an internet-based group that communicates primarily through an email list, with members scattered across North America.
  • The Greater Bay Area Costumers' Guild is an SF Bay Area costume club. It tends to be a bit skewed towards the historic costume side of things, but it's not an exclusively historic costume group.

Wearable Art Clubs

  • The Peninsula Wearable Arts Guild is one of the oldest art-clothing clubs in the country, and it's a really fun group. There's a meeting and workshop the second Saturday of every month. Members bring a wildly diverse collection of skills to the table, and if there's a sewing or embellishment technique you want to learn, you're going to find someone who can help you.
  • Several PenWAG members are also involved in the Surface Design Association. I'm not a member, but I do follow their blog. Their Northern California group is pretty active.

Event Organizers